Why Go Mobile In Boston

Boston Mass local businesses should start considering the use of mobile marketing if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Studies show that mobile search results are getting more and more attention as practically every person now owns a smart phone. This means that in lieu of laptops and tablets, a lot of people will be searching for information through their mobile devices.


Search to Action Ratio

The statistics pretty much speak for themselves. Roughly 50% of searches done through mobile typically lead to a purchase by the searcher. This isn’t really surprising because mobile searches are usually on the go searches. Imagine being in your car and suddenly craving for Japanese food. One quick mobile search for Japanese restaurants in Boston and the searcher drives directly to the establishment a few minutes later.

Local Searches

Investing in mobile marketing is definitely something you should take part in, for your  local Boston business. This is because a large percentage of mobile searches done are for local business.  Having your site mobile optimized  will put you one step closer to your target market. Even the big businesses are seeing this trend and hiring a Boston SEO Company to do their mobile marketing efforts.  According to studies, more than 42% of marketing executives today plan to spend more money on their mobile promotional plans for 2016.

Keeping Up with the Competition

The fact is that mobile SEO works the same way as the desktop version.   The age of your domain counts largely in its placement in the searches. This is why if you want to make your mark through mobile – this is the time to start! A large number of local businesses are adapting to this new trend and if you’re late, then this could put your local business a dozen of steps behind the competition.

As Close as Possible

Another plus of mobile marketing is the fact that you’re closer to the customer than ever. Mobile phones are compact and carried practically anywhere – unlike laptops or desktops. This gives you better opportunities to issue advertisements, practically every time they go online with their mobile phones. Some say that mobile marketing has now surpassed email marketing when it comes to personal contact with the consumer.


It doesn’t really take much to build your mobile website – but the return on investment is definitely higher! Studies show that ROI on mobile marketing is typically better compared to internet marketing.

Note that Boston SEO for mobile is a little bit different from personal computers. Websites for mobile use are typically smaller, designed to fit the dimensions of your typical smartphone. That being said, it’s best to seek the help of mobile SEO experts.

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